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Make Every Sales Pitch Better with the Spotlight Sales App


Sell More

Turn your order-taker into a consultative seller. Your company will win more business when your reps bring their CRM system right into the sales call and sell with knowledge and expertise. And new reps become productive immediately with Spotlight's recommendations and guidance. Even without an internet connection!


Dispense with order-taking in seconds, saving time for higher-value selling. Invoice and ship orders the instant the sale is made. Spotlight links your ERP and CRM systems directly to the rep during the sales call, eliminating human error and ensuring shipments get to the right place.



Spotlight gives managers visibility into what’s being shown in presentations, what’s selling, who’s selling it, and who's buying - all the information they need to make their number.

Hear From our Happy Customers

  • Spotlight provides a single platform for item selling, video, and catalog presentation. The tasks are intuitive, and that eliminates expensive training time. As design becomes more important Spotlight quotes and PDF portfolios have adapted to accommodate project presentations.
    — Sean McFadden, Vice President of Sales
  • As a field sales rep for a home furnishings company, I've been using the Spotlight app from Whereoware for over 4 years and it's become an invaluable part of my work. I'm better able to present my line and answer questions for my customers than I ever could when I carried a heavy briefcase crammed with catalogs, photos, and price lists. My customers think that I've become smarter and better organized. A win for everyone!”
    — Rich Joseph, Sales Representative
  • Spotlight has become indispensable. I rarely talk to an account without having fired it up to get pertinent information such as order status, price level, product info and availability. I can send them tear sheets, quotes and quickly place orders. Having that information at my fingertips, makes my job easier, and allows me to quickly update my customer so I can sell more. I would highly recommend it to other sales reps.
    — Stewart Haviland, Sales Representative
  • They went the extra mile to capture our requirements so that we always got our changes implemented as expected, on time. From support to business analysis, project planning and leadership, to quality of delivered goods, that’s what we found with Whereoware’s Spotlight. Such a pleasure doing business with them.
    — Goranco Bacvarovski, Manager, Sales and Web Development Systems
  • Spotlight has provided our sales team a top class, reliable solution for day-to-day sales efforts as well as helping streamline the order process making us a much more efficient and effective vendor to our customer.
    — Thomas Linke, Sales Operations Manager
  • Spotlight has changed the way I run my business on a daily basis! The user-friendly nature of the app is second to none. I can easily submit orders in just minutes. The Spotlight app allows me to sit down with a customer and pull up photos, inventory, pricing (or no pricing), create wishlists and more! My customers love that I can easily create PDF's for them that they can turn around and use in their own presentations. These tools have strengthened my relationships with my customers and have subsequently lead to increased sales!
    — Vivi Mira-Culmer, Sales Representative


dma awards.jpg

Spotlight by Whereoware Wins 2016 DMA Innovation Award. 

Spotlight wins a 2016 DMA Innovation Award in the Audience Management category. The Innovation Awards, sponsored by Google and presented by the Direct Marketing Association, celebrate companies delivering game-changing technologies and platforms that advance the capabilities of the Marketing Industry. 


Over $1.6 billion in sales completed using the Spotlight App

Spotlight makes it easy for reps to place orders while still in the meeting with the customer, which translates to more sales. 


Over 1,500 sales reps using spotlight in the field

Over 1,500 reps are using Spotlight to become consultative sellers. They get up-to-date information on their catalog of products with integrated e-commerce, CRM, and ERP systems. And Spotlight automatically manages complex business rules, dynamic product portfolios, and changing rep territories.