Consultative Selling, not Order-Taking.

Spotlight displays your product catalog and lets your sales reps draw on CRM and other insights while they're still in the sales call, even off-line. Reps use Spotlight to prepare for sales calls, present products with far more knowledge, and make sales on the spot. Meanwhile, managers get the insights they need to make the right decisions.

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CRM on the Go

Real-Time Management Tools

Shop with your Customer

Streamlined Logistics

Ordering made Simple


CRM On the Go

Use insight from your CRM system to personalize the selling experience. Reps can review customers' purchase history, website activity, and email responses right in the sales call, leading to more productive meetings.


Shop With Your Customer

Spotlight turns catalogs into dynamic, interactive product showcases. Sort products using CRM data, like previous purchases, or apply analytics-driven recommendations, even without an internet connection. View products using your traditional catalog layout or sort by brand, price or category. And then place your order directly from the sales meeting! No need to fax orders or re-enter the orders manually.

Ordering Made Simple

Complicated business rules? Multiple warehouses? Product line restrictions? We automatically apply business rules so reps can place orders without having to remember the requirements. And reps can quickly build re-orders from order history and manage customer preferences with multiple shopping carts and wish lists. 


Real-Time Management Tools

Give sales managers the tools to successfully lead their sales force. Managers see in real-time what’s shown in presentations, what’s selling, who’s selling it, and who's buying - all the information they need to make their number.

Streamlined Logistics

Reduce the time required to place an order, ship a product, and send an invoice. By integrating with your CRM and ERP systems, Spotlight automatically pushes orders from the sales call directly into your ordering systems. And it validates shipping addresses, eliminates data entry errors and streamlines shipments by adhering to business rules.



Integrate with your favorite CRM or use Spotlight as a basic CRM. Integrates with popular marketing and sales applications, product recommendation engines, and more.