Tip of the Month - Set the Tone with Simple or Formal Quotes


Are you setting the right tone with your customers? Coming on too strongly may make prospective customers shy away, while not showing enough interest can lead customers to feel undervalued. This balance is especially precarious at the pre-purchase stage, when reps successfully capture customers’ interest in products but haven’t yet closed a sale.

Strike the perfect chord by giving customers just the right amount of information when they need it most. With Spotlight, reps can personalize the purchasing decision by offering two different quote types: Simple and Formal. Today, we’ll walk through creating simple and formal quotes in Spotlight.

Quick Recap: How to Create a Quote in Spotlight

1. Select different products and add to your Order.
You cannot create a quote without having products in the cart.


2. From the shopping cart, tap the Email icon in the bottom left corner to Email the Quote.


3. Select the information (i) icon to select Formal or Simple.
Here, you’ll choose either a simple or formal quote format. Below, we breakdown each quote type.


Simple Quotes

Simple Quotes are best used in the beginning stages of the sales cycle to send an informal estimate to the customer. The quote summary lists product information, pricing, and pictures of the items.

A simple quote is a great opportunity to follow up with the customer about products they showed interest in during your meeting. The simple, informal layout makes it a casual addition to a follow up email, and it’s easy to view from a mobile device.

Generating a Simple Quote:

1. Tap Simple under Email Options and select Generate Email in the top-right.

6 Email format Simple option selected.PNG

2. The Simple Quote is now available to email directly to your customer.


Formal Quotes

Congrats, you’re finalizing a sale! Here’s when a Formal Quote is a better fit over a Simple Quote.

The Formal format creates a branded quote with billing and shipping information, product details, and barcodes for streamlined printing and review. Formal Quotes provide the customer with all the must-have information about their order. The additional data points can also be used when a delivery arrives to cross-reference the order and file in the customer’s records.

Generating a Formal Quote:

1. Tap Formal under Email Options and select Generate Email in the top-right.


2. The Formal Quote is now available to email directly to your customer.


Set the Right Tone with Spotlight

Having a quote option that fits your customer relationship is just one of the intuitive features built into the Spotlight sales app. Use simple quotes when you want to send a list of recommended products to the customer to consider and formal quotes as a final receipt after you’ve sealed the deal.