Tip of the Month- Personalize Your Sales Pitch with Filters


Customer experience is key. The modern B2B buyer is unresponsive to inauthentic one-size-fits-all sales strategies. They don’t just want personalization, they expect it. According to Justin Shriber, Vice President of Marketing for LinkedIn Marketing and Sales Solutions, the “have it your way” customer journey has forever changed the B2B selling dynamic:

“B2B Buyers have been conditioned to expect the same personalized treatment that they get while shopping on Amazon. They want to be approached with relevant offers at the right moments. They have little to no patience for ill-timed generic pitches.”

With today’s level of empowered choice and enhanced competition, buyer loyalty must be earned. In a recent study, Salesforce found that 65% of business buyers say they would switch brands if a company failed to make efforts to personalize their communications and sales processes.

Make Personalized Product Discovery Easier with Spotlight Filters

The best customer-centric experiences are simple, seamless, intuitive, and flexible. Buyers expect one-on-one sales interactions that address their needs by recommending relevant products, easing the decision-making process.

Today, we’re sharing three of Spotlight’s interactive product filtering capabilities that enable sales reps to highlight product trends and identify targeted recommendations with a few taps.

Follow the simple step-by-step guide below to get started personalizing your customers’ sales experience.

Getting Started with Spotlight Product Filters

Combine any combination of the below filters to refine your search results, identify relevant product listings, and ultimately simplify the purchase process.

Filter Products by Categories

The category filter allows sales reps to offer alternatives and create a customized selling journey through tailored searches according to the customers’ interests and needs.

1.      On the Shop Tab, tap the Filter icon to filter by category.
2.      Select a category to narrow your search.
3.      The search results will automatically update upon selection.


Filter Products by Flags

The flags filter empowers sales reps to showcase relevant suggestions sorted by product availability, best sellers, new arrivals, previously purchased, and on sale, using one or more flags at a time.

1.      On the Shop Tab, tap the Filter icon to filter by flags.
2.      Select a flag to refine your results.
3.      Apply multiple flags to focus your results even further.
4.      The search results will automatically update upon selection.



Filter Products with Open Text Search

The search bar function enables sales reps to provide insightful advice and respond to customer feedback in real-time by searching specific keywords or SKUs effortlessly. In our example, we searched “serving” to quickly populate products related to serving ware.

1.      On the Shop Tab, tap the Search bar.
2.      Enter your keywords or SKUs to further filter products.


Deliver a Superior Customer Experience with Spotlight

Spotlight’s flexible product filtering capabilities assist sale reps with delivering an elevated customer interaction through targeted search, personalized product offerings, and relevant recommendations. We want every Spotlight sales rep to build trust with customers and add value for more streamlined decision-making. We’re here to support you in providing an efficient, engaging, and highly customized experience so you can meet and exceed the needs of each customer, every step of the sales journey.