A Confident Sales Rep is a Successful Sales Rep

The best sales people are confident and, in turn, make their customers confident in their decision to buy. This doesn’t happen automatically; the right sales tools can build confidence for both seller and buyer. 

There are a variety of scenarios a rep may find themselves in where they are not confident or do not feel prepared. However, a mobile sales app can turn an uncomfortable sales interaction to a winning relationship build. 

Let’s break down some of these possible situations and solutions. 

The Scenarios and Solutions

Scenario:  Unfamiliar with new products, features, specs, or benefits.
Solution: Leverage a tool that pushes pertinent information right into the sales meeting without having to hunt it down. Diminish the customers uncertainties by letting them see the specific details they are asking about.

Scenario:  Meeting with an existing customer for the first time; they know what they’ve done with your company, but you don’t.
Solution: Get up to speed with a summarized history of the account before the sales meeting. During the conversation, flip through the digital catalog with automatic, visual markers of previously purchased products and review prior orders together.

Scenario:  Unsure about business rules in effect, such as, minimum order size, restricted products, or customer pricing.
Solution: Use an app that automatically applies business rules for each customer, displays customized pricing, and indicates “all clear” when an order is compiled.

Scenario:  Not yet versed in specific marketing messages for the company, or how to deliver the value proposition message.
Solution: Access marketing materials in real-time during the sales meeting to refresh your memory and present sales sheets directly to the customer from the app.

Confidence is Key

Have you found yourself in one or more of the above scenarios, either as a new or veteran rep? These uncertain situations can make you lose confidence in yourself and the trust of your customer. Build and retain strong relationships with your customers by allowing your sales tool to pick up the slack. 

Is your sales tool instilling confidence in your sales managers and their reps? Let’s chat about how Spotlight can do the above and so much more. 


Whereoware Team