Tip of the Month- Are You a Spotlight Icon Expert?

Showcase Your Iconography Expertise for a Flawless Sales Call


The Share or Add To icon indicates
the ability to send information on the screen.


The Select All icon can be found on the Shop tab. Once you have selected the Add To icon, the Select All icon allows you to select all products in the product search. Take note that you cannot select more than 200 products at a time.


The Copy icon enables users to copy a placed order from the Dashboard into the current shopping cart. Carts can also be copied in the Shopping Cart tab by first selecting the Shopping Cart icon and then the Share icon.


The Sort icon provides a variety of options for sorting information presented on the screen.


The Quick Add icon allows a user to quickly search and add products to the shopping cart or add them by SKU or UPC. This icon also appears on the Customer tab revealing the easy to use Activity Report.


The Refresh icon will refresh any live data shown on the screen if the user has an internet connection.


The Recent icon can be found on the Customer tab and reveals recently accessed customers.


Use the Category and Search icons to switch seamlessly between product browsing formats.