5 Ways to Create a Rock Star Sales Team

Sales teams are the work force behind bringing in new business and sustaining current clients. But what if your sales team is just not “getting it”? We’ll go through five ways to create a rock star sales team so that not only do you meet your sales goals, but you also have a focused and thriving team.

1) Find the Go-Getters
Often sales job postings will ask potential candidates: “Are you hungry? Do you feed off closing deals?” This aggressive language might turn off successful sales professionals and discourage candidates who don’t have a background in sales, but may be a good fit for the role.

Don’t feel confined to hire people who are directly in sales. A marketing professional who understands the bigger picture or an account manager who has strong relationship building skills may turn into a great sales rep. A lot of skills that make a rep successful are transferable across positions and industries, so branch out. Speaking of branching out, reach out to current and past colleagues for recommendations for who they think would be the best fit for the firm and your team.

Go-getters come from all backgrounds and all have different styles to how they expand their positions, have an open mind.

2) Train Continuously
To continually have a rock star sales team, you need to not only have initial onboarding, but continuous training. You need to cover foundational knowledge like the industry, your product, types of customers, use cases, and competition. Also ensure that reps can articulate your product’s value proposition. This sets the groundwork so your reps can engage prospects in meaningful conversations.  Once you lay down the foundation you can move onto how to sell. You need to share how:

·        leads are generated

·        marketing supports your team

·        the types of questions they need to ask to qualify prospects

·        how to use your CRM system

·        how leads move through the sales cycle.

Once you run through what they are selling and how to sell it, move to universal topics like sales tactics and best practices. Then layer in any new product offerings or packages and add refresher courses along the way on topics you cover during onboarding. You also need to spend some one-on-one time analyzing the reps performance so you can help train on any gaps you identify.

3) Give Each Rep an Edge
Hone in on what makes each rep tick - what makes them different from other reps? Link reps with industries and companies that make sense for them, based either on professional or personal history.
Is one of your clients based in Wisconsin and one of our reps went to the University of Wisconsin? Make those connections. They’ll have something in common right off the bat and will increase the chance of closing the sale.

Find and highlight the edge that each rep brings to the table to round out the team. Diversity in backgrounds and interests will be key here to cast a larger sales net.

4) Be a Great Sales Manager
You can only have a rock star sales team, if you are a rock start sales manager. Lead by example, support your team, and equip them with the right tools and resources to be successful.

We’ve written a whole post on how to be a successful sales manager, check it out.

5) Leverage Technology
Your team will only be successful if they are constantly supported by the team and you as a manager. With so many reps in and out of the office it’s important to leverage technologies they can use on the go.

If you’re not already doing so, use a digital system for file sharing case studies, sales sheets, and training materials that your reps can access from anywhere. Provide your team with the tools they need to be successful either reviewing documents in their own time, or when they’re face to face with a customer or lead. The Spotlight sales app, houses everything a rep needs to be successful in the field and allows transparency between the rep and the manager. With more transparency, you will be able to see what’s working and what’s not for each rep and tweak your practices.

Having this insight will allow you to have the rock star sales team you’ve always wanted.

Use these 5 ways to not only create your sales team, but to continue to have a rock star sales team. If you see that either morale or sales are dropping off, see which of the 5 sections (or a combination) could be influencing these outcomes. Always be aware of your teams needs and see that you are positively contributing. 

Whereoware Team