4 Ways to Get New Sales Reps to Sell Faster

Let’s say you have a new rep that just joined your team, or maybe you have 50 new reps that just joined your team, and you want to get them caught up to speed on your product or service offerings, business best practices, and get them out the door to sell, sell, sell! Follow our four ways to get new sales reps to sell faster.

Onboard, but don’t overload
Think back to when you started on the job and you were trying to take note of every little detail during your trainings. Training takes time, don’t overload your new reps their first two weeks on the job with everything they need to know to be successful. They’re human, they will most likely pay attention to the items that are most pressing and forget the rest. Instead of packing a careers worth of information into the first few weeks, schedule to plan it out over a specific onboarding period. Additionally, tie learning modules in with their goals, that way they can learn the information while practicing the skill and can ask specific questions along the way. Then package all that information in one convenient location that all your reps have access to and can refer to later. This could be a Dropbox folder or storage in an app.

Set Expectations
Along with onboarding, it is important to set expectations for learning core competencies and skills. You may do this informally, where the sales manager meets the new rep one-on-one to determine short term goals or there may be a formal corporate timeline in place for new rep’s goals. Regardless, it is important the rep understands what they are expected to do each day and over the course of the first few months. Explicitly outline what tasks and items they should be owning with little supervision at each quarter mark. Do you expect new reps to pick up the phone at start selling their first time on the job? Probably not. So, communicate that to them.

Assign a Buddy
Once training is underway and the new reps understand the path to reach their goals, they will have a lot of questions about the process, your offerings, and everything in between. Assign a buddy while the new rep gets acclimated. The buddy will take the new rep under their wing by answering any questions, sharing tips and tricks, and allowing the new rep to shadow them in their daily tasks (maybe listen into a call or watch them go through the pitch deck). Having a point person will also allow the new rep to come up to speed faster, if they’re not left to their own devices to “figure it out” and wasting precious company time.

Equip them with the Right Tools
When the new rep has a basic understanding of their responsibilities and are gearing up to tackle more, equip them with the right tools to close the deal.Because new reps don’t have a lot of information memorized to pull off the top of their head, provide them all marketing and sales collateral plus training documents at their fingertips. Are these documents organized in folders on an online drive or program accessible by iPad to help them on the go? Additionally by providing product and inventory information, recommendations, and powerful search you will boost the reps confidence knowing they have everything they need to make the sale. Empower your reps with the information they need to be successful and you will see them selling faster.

It takes time for anyone to get familiar and comfortable in a new role. Recognize and get ahead of this with realistic training schedules, setting expectations, providing a support system, and equipping new reps with the information they need to be successful. With these processes in place, it will be easier to get new reps to sell faster.

Whereoware Team