Three ways to increase sales productivity

What is Sales Productivity?
Basically, sales productivity is a way to measure how to get the most output for the least input. So in sales terms, get the most business by using the least cost (time, effort, money).
Why is Productivity so Important?
Productivity is extremely important to your organization because the less time sales reps spend looking for marketing materials, tracking down signatures and contracts, and using more than one to complete a sale – the more time they have to focus on securing sales. According to IDC, “over half (51 percent) said they have issues with documents being misfiled or lost”. Reps should not be wasting time looking for misfiled contracts or supporting documents, they should have everything they need to nurture and close the sale.

Three Ways to Increase Sales Productivity:
1) Provide the right content to reps at the right time

Marketing materials, sales sheets, pricing information, etc. all help reps close the deal with the prospect, unfortunately reps waste a lot of time looking for this information across different systems. According to IDC, “61 percent of employees typically access four or more systems to get the information they need to do their jobs.” This is killing your sales productivity.

Instead, set up a place for marketing and sales collateral to “live,” that is easy to access on the go and organized in a way that makes sense. You may want to organize content based on your sales cycle – set up folders for prospects, setting an appointment, qualifying, presentation, handling objections, and closing. Organizing your sales material eliminates wasted time.

There are great tools out there like our Spotlight sales app that makes organizing sales material extremely easy. It is a reps one-stop shop for any and all information they need to close the sale. Plus, Spotlight can help reps follow a lead’s sales cycle. Through push notification, it tells reps where the leads are in the sales cycle and can link directly to the sales material they should use. It is this type of time saving features that can help boost your rep’s productivity.
2) Give them the data they need when they need it most
While most of the preparation for a sales meeting occurs before the meeting, it’s important that reps have all the data and information needed to close to sale regardless of where they are. A rep who preps the night before a morning, may study the customer’s previous order history, browsing history, or wishlists made. But wouldn’t it be best if your reps can access this same information and more during the sales meeting? Maybe the customer asks about a product they ordered last time, or about an item they had shown interest in – it’s best to have that information at the rep’s fingertips so they can avoid the dreaded “let me look into it and get back to you” response. Supplying your reps with the right tools that provide them data when they need it will help increase sales productivity. 
3) Empower reps with the right tools
Not only is it important to have the right information available to your reps, it’s paramount that they are equipped with the right tools. According to Salesforce, "high-performing sales teams use nearly 3 times as much sales technology than under performing teams." Now this doesn’t mean they’re consistently bouncing from one platform to another; instead, a centralized tool may integrate with two other technologies so all the information the rep needs is in one place. House product data, off and online behavioral data, lead scoring, and marketing materials all in one tool and you will see a huge improvement in productivity.

So What?
By integrating all your sales and marketing systems into one tool you can finally increase your sales productivity and cut costs due to waste of time and energy of your reps. Making your reps access to information more streamlined allows them to focus on the most important thing, selling the right service or product to the right person at the right time. Check out our Spotlight sales app to find out how we can help boost your reps’ productivity.

Whereoware Team