Three Tips to Improve Sales Logistics

Whether you have a sales team of two or two hundred, efficiency is the main concern during the sales process. Yes, it would be great if reps were personable robots who excel at connecting with customers and remembering everything about product offerings, business rules, and other pertinent information. But because reps are humans, and not robots (well, ours aren’t anyway…) equip them with a tool that houses all the information needed to succeed. The Spotlight Sales App removes the guesswork and scrambling, providing a seamless, personalized sales experience with the customer. Check out three Spotlight features that will alleviate the headache from your reps, reduce your customer service calls, and impress your customers:


1.      Address Validation

Taking down customer information on the fly can be difficult.  It is easy to mistype or mishear the address, meaning the order gets sent to the wrong location.  Using USPS address validation during the checkout process eliminates this concern, saving the customer from shipping delays and your company from additional shipping costs.   

2.      Business Rules

Placing an order is easier with personalized business rules in Spotlight.  Business rules are set up with your unique business needs in mind. Create rules to ensure requirements are met, such as shipment minimums or order size, and never have an unapproved order again. Help reps stay focused on connecting with the customer instead of fumbling to remember all the rules needed to process an order.

3.      Shipping Options

Shipping options
allow you to view pricing associated with each shipping method. Different choices provide flexibility to your customers to choose the best option that fits their budget and calendar while also providing full transparency of Order Total at the time of placing the order.


Sales Reps are most effective when they have the right amount of support. Using technology correctly can cut your costs dramatically, while giving control back to the reps. Getting it right can also significantly increase productivity and growth.  Invest in sales technology to help fill the support gap and streamline your sales logistics. It allows reps to focus on the most important thing to your business – your customers.

Whereoware Team