Wish You Had a Personal Assistant? Look to Your iPhone.

If you’re like most iPhone owners, you use it for everything from checking your Facebook, messaging, cultivating your favorite apps, and using it for the phone feature. According to Deloitte, the average person looks at their phone 46 times a day. Does this sound like you? Let your iPhone be your Personal Assistant with these 3 simple features.

Already using the Calendar app to schedule your daily appointments and engagements? Did you know you can sync both your personal and professional calendars and coordinate by color? If you answered yes, skip to the next step; if you answered no, read on to see how it’s done.

To sync a calendar go to:

1. Settings
2. Calendars
3. Add an account
4. Put in the account credentials

Do this for as many accounts as you would like to sync to your iPhone calendar. 

With multiple calendars now on your iPhone calendar, organize by color to easily know which events are personal or professional. Follow the steps below to assign a color to each calendar:

1. Go to the Calendar app
2. Select Calendars at bottom of screen
3. Tap the (i) info icon next to the calendar you want
4. Choose the color, then tap Done

Do this for as many accounts as you would like to sync to your iPhone calendar.

We all have a lot going on, so let your Calendar app be the new age “string on your finger,” reminding you of all upcoming commitments.


The micro-managers in us just love the Reminders app to set quick alerts for our To-Do List. Most folks know about the Reminders App, but have you ever used the location-based reminders?

Think of how useful it would be to get alerted that you need to pick up food for your breakfast meeting as you get in the car (if your car has Bluetooth enabled). Or you can set reminders for when you leave or arrive at a specified location. 

To enable this feature:
First: Enable location services (if this isn't already enabled):

1. Settings
2. Privacy - switch location services on

Now, go to the Reminders app

1. Add in a new task
2. Tap the (i) info icon next to the task you just created
3. Next you can customize how and when you want to be reminded:
     a. Remind me on a day - this can be set to remind you of something every day or every Tuesday at a specific time
     b. Remind me at a location - here you can enter a new location (maybe you office address) or getting in/out of the car

Create a list of reminders and enjoy the feeling of peace that comes with knowing you aren't going to forget anything.


No need to be shuffling through papers trying to find your recent notes or the lists you jotted down in a rush.  Take notes on the go with the Notes app and even print or share the notes via your connected social media apps.

Here are a few tips to make the most of the notes app:

Organize notes in folders:
1. Open the Notes app
2. Go to the Folders page (you may need to swipe right), tap New Folder in the bottom right corner
3. Enter a folder name
4. Save

Do this for as many folders as you need to stay organized.

Add images to Notes:
Have a client that likes a particular product? Take a picture of it when you are in your meeting and attach it to your notes.
1. Open a new Note
2. Click the Camera icon (you may need to tap the + sign on top of the keyboard to see the icon options)
3. Add a photo from your library or take a new one

Save websites to Notes:
Save a note along with the website URL to Notes to refer to later.
1. Find a webpage on Safari you want to save
2. Tap the Share icon on the bottom of the screen and choose Notes
3. You can add a short note too about the site so it has context when you go back to it
4. Choose to add the website to an existing Note or create new
5. Save

1. Organize your apps into folders on your home screena.    
     a. Drag one app over another that you would like to group together. 
     b. Both apps will now be combined in a folder, you can now add more apps one at a time to this folder
     c. Tap the name to rename the folder to whatever is helpful to you

2. Use the Search bar to easily find apps
     a. On the home screen, swipe right
     b. At the top of this screen is a search bar
     c. Search the name of a specific app if you don’t remember which folder it’s in or can’t find it quickly

Don’t waste your pocket Personal Assistant

There will always be stressful days when we really wished we had a personal assistant. Don’t waste the free assistant (well minus the cost of a new iPhone) sitting in your purse or pocket.

    Whereoware Team