4 Sales Tips to Win on Customer Experience

It’s all about customer experience in today’s sales environment. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2016, 89% of companies will compete mostly on the basis of customer experience. 

Your customers have the power. They can pick and choose who they shop from to fulfil their inventory needs, so we cannot overemphasize how important it is to get the customer experience right. If you can deliver a simple, pleasant, and painless sales experience, we guarantee customers will return to purchase from you again (especially over a competitor with a manual, confusing sales process). 

Stay ahead of the curve by following these four best practices to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Organization and preparation is key to providing five star customer service in every sales meeting.   

Your goal is to make purchasing simple and easy for your customers. To do so, you need bridge the gap between what your customers’ know they want and what products they should want to be successful. Helping them make smart, forward thinking decisions will ensure you stand out from the crowd and become the go-to sales rep for each customer.  

Luckily, you don’t have to be a mind reader. Mobile sales tools, like Whereoware’s Spotlight Sales tool, offer tons of functionality and customer insights to ensure you’re always a sales star.

For example, real-time access to a customer’s purchase history allows for knowledgeable and quick reordering.  It also ensures you only pitch products that are relevant to the buyer’s needs and on-trend.  Even better? Knowing the promotional emails a customer opened or the website pages they browsed, offers reps insights into the buyer’s fulfillment needs and thought process.

Before going into a sales meeting, review the client’s wish lists for future purchases, notes from the previous meeting, and reminders for upcoming meetings, so you can genuinely and intelligently speak to the customer’s needs and wants, without asking for a recap.  Delivering superior customer service will help you close the sale, and more importantly, nurture a long standing, mutually-beneficial relationship.

Engaged customers + leads ask questions and expect their Sales Rep to have all the answers.  Since sales reps can’t possibly know everything about every account and every product line, a robust B2B mobile app empowers them with the information and customer insights they need. 

 Your B2B mobile app should always have up-to-date product information (in real-time), so customers are never disappointed by out-of-stock items or availability delays. 

The app should also be stocked with engaging, brand-consistent supporting materials, like sales sheets, presentations, product videos, or product line drawings with specifications, to help answer customers’ questions on the spot.  In addition to product information, relevant product line videos or company vision documents will bolster your company’s presence in the customer’s mind.  Quick access to Terms + Conditions, Forms, and Merchandising Instructions make closing simple and efficient, increasing your buyers’ confidence to continue to buy from you! 

Gavin Finn, President and CEO of Kaon Interactive, reminds companies using B2B apps to “ensure that the app is truly interactive, (meaning the app) engages with the end user on a sensory level, and creates an emotional connection. Keeping in mind that your user is going to choose which aspects of the application to explore, and in what sequence.”  

Be sure to shop with your customer, not just for your customer.  Your B2B Sales app should provide the user with a seamless interactive shopping experience, where you can easily help them navigate through previously purchased products, trending products, and products that are new to the line.  Lead customers to comprehensive product information, including inventory availability, product specs, high resolution images of alternate views, and relevant product recommendations. 

Again, by making it easy and simple for customers to fulfill all their inventory needs, you’ll increase their satisfaction with their sales experience, and they’ll be more likely to return to you the next time they’re restocking.

Show your customer you’re well-versed in their company’s specific business rules to complete orders.  By reducing the back and forth, you’ll also reduce the time between placing the order and shipment, ensuring the customer gets what they want, when they want it, and where and how they want it delivered. (Especially if your customer requests special business rules for certain types of shipments).

An automated system within the sales app can apply these rules, even if you forget them. Rules like sending larger orders to the warehouse instead of to the retail location, making sure they’ve hit the minimum order size, and most importantly, communicating when customer can expect their order to be fulfilled, can all be automated.  Impress your customer by knowing every detail of their order and fail-proofing the order process

As sales teams feel pressure to deliver a superior sales experience to every account, a mobile sales app is the golden ticket reps need to stand out from the competition. 

Interested in hearing how the mobile sales app Spotlight turns reps into sales superstars? Click here to see how Spotlight empowers your sales teams, or contact us to request your live demo. 


Whereoware Team