Selling to the Modern B2B Buyer

The B2B selling space is continuously changing. Buyers tend to be more educated about the product they are purchasing and are digitally savvy.   CEB Global found that 57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer even calls a supplier. Further, Sirius Decisions found that 67% of the buyer’s journey is done digitally. Confidence in their purchase and future purchases is a large part of the MB2BB experience.  This puts a lot more pressure on reps to prioritize and prepare for their sales presentations. To hit their revenue goals, sales reps need to understand this shifting landscape. Here are three steps reps can take to be more effective with the modern B2B buyer. 

Personalize the Presentation

Remember the modern buyer has already done their homework. A sales rep really needs to be a value add to the buyer. This raises the expectations during a sales meeting. A sales rep should know the previous shopping behavior of each of their buyers.  Whether this is through a branded mobile app or a CRM, the goal is to have a full understanding of the buyer’s profile before the sales presentation, including previously ordered products, related products, and open shopping carts or wishlists.  

It doesn’t stop there though. Sales meetings aren’t static. Customers are likely to raise issues or concerns that even the most prepared rep may miss. Linking presentation material to your CRM and ERP into an easy-to-use app will allow reps to think on their feet and pull information on the spot. This prep work proves to the buyer you understand them and they will appreciate that you did not waste their time. 

Get to the Point

Which brings us to our next tip, GET TO THE POINT. Being prepped, as stated above, saves the buyers valuable time. A custom presentation should include the products that need to be restocked, new products to complement their current line, and products they have shown interest in via their browsing behavior.  Being fully informed on the buyer will help the rep to prepare a simple, straightforward and well-informed presentation.


Preparation is key, but also having all the information a rep needs at their fingertips ensures that any question asked is answered on the spot.  No need to go back to the office and follow-up which may lose the momentum of the sale. A buyer’s time is valuable. As a sales rep, being prepared with all the information needed shows the buyer the respect they deserve.

Listen to the Buyer

A great sales rep listens more and talks a lot less. Get to know your buyer. Actively listening demonstrates genuine interest. So listening, while thinking about your next sales call is not going to cut it. Equip your reps with tools that allow them to free up their mind to build real personal relationships with their buyer instead of worrying if they have enough time to prep for their next meeting.

Take notes on anything that grabs the attention of the buyer and those that turn them off.  Ask relevant follow up questions to verify and clarify what you have heard from the buyer.  This assures the buyer that you are addressing their true needs.

B2B buyers are more empowered and have higher expectations that ever before. Traditional sales strategies just don’t cut it anymore. To see success, sales reps must adapt to better serve the modern B2B buyer. This means listening better, respecting the buyer’s time, and personalizing the sales presentation. All of this will culminate in happy buyers and higher sales.  

Whereoware Team