Overcoming Obstacles During Sales Pitch

They say preparation is key. It is so cliché, but true, studying up on your lead or customer can make or break a sales meeting. Let’s face it knowing your lead shows you actually care, but the problem is that not all sales reps have the time to do the best prep. Equipping reps with robust sales tools is one of the most effective ways to help overcome sales meeting obstacles. In fact, a report by Forbes Insights / Brainshark found that sales enablement solutions (55%) are the top technology investments for boosting sales productivity.  

Let’s walk through ways to overcome these common obstacles during sales pitches:

Not Establishing Credibility
You spend the initial minutes of a meeting talking about yourself and products instead of asking the prospect or customer their pain points or needs and letting that guide the conversation.
Take ten minutes before the meeting to check your CRM and see what products and promotions your prospect or customer have shown interest in. You should be able to see where on the website they have browsed and what emails they have opened. Then once you are in the meeting LISTEN. Listen to why the prospect or customer agreed to meet, what pain points they are facing, and why your offerings may be able to help them. During this time, the rep should be taking copious notes on a CRM integrated sales tool. The rep should then be able to relate these pain points to the leads behavior that they viewed before the meeting, offering highly relevant suggestions and recommendations. Establish credibility by being informed and personalizing the sales experience.

Left-Field Questions
Even the most prepared sales reps can be caught off guard. It is always so disconcerting when the customer asks an out of nowhere question, but you know the answer is located within some marketing materials or notes you have in your folder on your laptop. Even worse? The customer received conflicting information from a previous rep interaction. 
Have up-to-date digitized PDFs of all sales sheets, marketing materials, and notes and get instant, access to CRM and customer service information on one sales tool so you can search and answer any questions on the spot, whether you prepared for it ahead of time or not. The sales organization should push up-to-date marketing supplies and messages to the app, so the customer receives a consistent response every time regardless of which rep they meet with. According to the same Forbes Insights/ Brainshark report mentioned in the intro, seven out of 10 top-performing organizations excel at providing a consistent sales message throughout the buyer’s journey, compared to 37% of all other firms. Strive to be one of those 7 top-performing firms. 

Out of Date Catalog
Unwieldy and out of date product catalogs just don’t cut it in the modern sales meeting. Let’s say you get asked a specific question about a product, but can’t find the product in the catalog or all the specs aren’t listed, you have to leave the customer hanging with a “I’ll have to check and get back to you.” Or maybe the product comes in other patterns, finishes, or colors, but only one combination is pictured in the catalog and the customer can’t get past what they see.
Ditch the limited paper catalog and swap for a digital catalog on an iPad that houses all products available, highlights new products or best sellers, lists all product details, and provides multiple products images or videos. The rep can shop every possible treatment, color, material, and style offering  endless opportunity to get it right for the customer.


Order Issues
Order minimums not met, shipping address incorrect, or products backordered/out of stock and you only realized this once you are entering the purchase information into their ordering system, after you’ve left the meeting with the customer
Enter order and shipping information into a digitalized system in real-time while you’re still with the customer. This gives peace and mind to both the you and the customer knowing the order went through without a hitch.

A digitalized sales tool would have address validation capabilities and business rules would be pre-loaded to diminish such issues. For example, if you’re company only has twenty side tables in stock, and you try to order twenty-five, the system will return an error. You can then work with the customer to modify their order on-the-spot, instead of calling them later to give them the bad news (or letting them find out the hard way!).
All sales reps need to think on their feet, but equip them with the tools they need to be successful and watch their sales skyrocket. The Spotlight sales app has built-in functions to be the solution to any of the above obstacles and then some. See what the Spotlight sales app can do for you.

Whereoware Team