Sell More by Bringing Your CRM into the Sales Meeting


Why CRM is so important

We all know a CRM is an important tool in the sales process. Everything about leads and opportunities are housed in one system so you can check up on customer activities (on and offline), past purchase history, website and email activity, and lead scores. Combine that with an ERP system and reps have everything they need to prepare for a big meeting. It’s also there for your reps when they get back to the office after a long day of following up with leads and customers. But, that’s the thing with most CRMs, they’re not readily available to reps on the go, when they’re without a Wi-Fi connection and in front of a lead or current customer. 

Bring your CRM into the sales meeting

Most CRMs are great for prep and follow-up, but it’d be even better to have all the necessary information at the rep’s fingertips – when they need it most. When you combine your CRM with your ERP you provide your reps with everything they need to think on their feet. 

Sales meetings don’t always go as planned. You have to empower reps to pivot quickly in a sales meeting. What if the prospect asks the rep a question they don’t know off hand, but is housed in your CRM? Or after the rep takes the prospect’s order and goes back to their hotel, the rep realizes the product is backordered. All these scenarios impact the integrity of your reps and your brand. The easier it is for a rep to access lead and product information when they need it most – in the sales meeting the more personalized the experience and higher sales potential. 

But, I can't bring our CRM into a sales meeting - it isn't pretty

CRM apps are good, they provide quick info about the customer in a few clicks for the rep to look up some small items. But has the rep ever flipped the tablet around to show the customer and go through their profile together? If you adamantly said no and shook your head, is it because your CRM was designed for internal use and not a customer facing tool? Ideally you’d want something that houses all the behavioral customer data and past purchase history, new product information, and marketing and presentation material right? Well, this is where Spotlight comes in.

Sell More with Spotlight

The Spotlight sales app does everything your online CRM does, plus it pulls in your ERP data so your reps have access to real-time product data. Reps don’t need to lug around outdated catalogs, and they can go through the product offerings and past purchase data with the customer during a sales meeting. Gone are the days of needing to prep, fumble, and follow up after a sales meeting – now everything the rep needs is at their fingertips in real time so they can answer any questions or be honest about shipping business rules or out of stock products.


SELL MORE, REDUCE COST, and INCREASE CONTROL with Spotlight by Whereoware. Contact us today to get a demo. 

Whereoware Team